My name is Mignon Lagatta and I am a native to this area, born and raised in Carson City, I now proudly call Reno my home. I love this community! I'm raising kids here, I own a business here, my family, friends and roots are here. 

I believe very strongly in giving back and have been searching for a meaningful way to do so.  At a recent conference, I met the woman who started the original Thank You Ma'am in Seattle and something clicked. I knew right away that this is what I wanted to bring to Reno. It is a way for us to contribute that can make a big impact without a big time commitment as everyone has busy lives. It also allows us to keep our contributions local, in our own community while also connecting wtih other amazing women. 


 If this sounds like someting you're interested in, please join us! We can make a difference right here at home, one non-profit at a time!

Thank you, ma'am!